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Reseda Channel Letters
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Reseda Channel Letters


Businesses looking for a simple yet flexible sign can look into channel letter signs or dimensional letter signs. These signs suit any industry and are personalized to match your brand and design preferences.

Custom Channel Letter Sign near me

For Reseda channel letters that will give your business a unique look, you can partner with San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps. We are a Reseda, CA sign company that can make any custom type of business sign to perfectly fit any business or industry.

Our company will tailor these channel letters to your industry standards and design preferences without denting your budget. We can also deliver them in record time and guarantee that they are of high quality!

Call San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps at (805) 424-5228 for your Free Consultation with a Reseda Channel Letter expert!

Storefront Channel Letters

Custom Channel Letter Sign

Storefront channel letters are highly requested by our clients at San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps. They are 3D signs that are made up of individual elements—from letters to logos. These individual elements are then attached to a frame or can be mounted directly to a stone wall. To give them more depth and personality, these elements are covered with durable material, either vinyl or acrylic.

Using storefront channel letters, we spell out your business name, logo, or any message you want to display to potential customers. We have a variety of options for you to choose from to customize these channel letters and fit your business needs.

Channel letters work perfectly for stores, offices, shopping centers, and other facilities that require simple yet sophisticated signs.

Dimensional Letters

Storefront Sign

Dimensional letters are perfect if you want a smooth channel letter sign for your business. These signs only use one sheet of material, either acrylic or metal, to form the sign.

They can be made in many varieties to give them a different dimension, as well as have a unique font, color, and style to match your brand.

Dimensional letters are perfect for offices, restaurants, retail stores, and malls. They can also be used as a unique indoor sign!

Backlit & Illuminated Channel Signs

Lighted Sign

We also make backlit and illuminated Reseda channel letter signs which allow your signs to stand out, especially at night or any weather. These signs will help attract customers to your business at any time of the day and weather. When you request this type of channel letter signs from San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps, we handle every aspect of the sign process, including the installation and wiring. We even clean up your space after the installation.

Backlit and illuminated channel signs are perfect for any business with night hours, such as nightclubs, coffee shops, clubs, gas stations, and convenience stores. Businesses that are looking for unique signs can also use these channel signs to make a great impression for their facility.

Free Channel Letter Sign Consultation

Reseda Channel Letters Axe signs logo black 300x149When you need Reseda channel letters for your business or establishment, you should contact San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps at once. Our team is always ready to tackle your request and give you the channel letter signs that can help you achieve your business goals as long as they are installed in your facility.

Give us a call, and we’ll show you how channel letter signs can be designed to help your business grow.

Call San Fernando Valley Signs & Wraps at (805) 424-5228 for your Free Consultation with a Reseda Channel Letter expert!